Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy U.S. Constitution Day

Today we celebrate the antiquated document known as the U.S. Constitution. We've been able to put a lot of mileage on this piece of parchment, coasting us into the 2000s. Some though express their desire to rewrite this contemporary-obsolete mess that doesn't apply to our modern technology and progressive ideals. Moreover, we continue to argue over tattered paper with chicken scratch written hundreds of years ago by men in wigs and stalkings, wasting time and money deciding what it means or intends or how it should be construed. Lastly, we are governed by laws that were written by slave drivers and the true elitist of the time.


Anonymous said...

Not all of the Founders were slave owners or elites.

Mr. Philippe said...

@perpetualmemoryloss Certainly not good sir. Let us frame the situation:

"Of the 55 Convention delegates, about 25 owned slaves. Many of the framers harbored moral qualms about slavery. Some, including Benjamin Franklin (a former slave-owner) and Alexander Hamilton (who was born in a slave colony in the British West Indies) became members of antislavery societies. "

(Digital History)