Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As I sit here listening to Al Jolson, having read Theodore Dreiser, and pontificating the faults in the Great Gatsby it gets me thinking about the experiment of U.S. Prohibition. A failed experiment but one that gave us tons of culture in which to appreciate: speakeasies, Fitzgerald novels, Eliot Ness, improved root beer, the American mobster, and more. People often confuse prohibition as a ban on the drinking of alcohol. However, alcohol consumption was nevered banned; it applied more so to the manufacturing and selling of alcohol. One could have made a load of cold ones before the amendment was ratified, thus having a store of liquor for consumption- but I digress. A huge amount of tax dollars and time was wasted in combating alcohol. Time and money that could have been better spent on education, labor rights, human rights, keeping Germany down so they couldn't raise an army for WWII, etc.

I've jumped from the Civil War and Reconstruction years to Prohibition and find myself heading too close to contemporary and modern societies. It's time to take some steps back and visit a time of simple pleasure and interesting notions. What is in store? You will have to check back and see!

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Philippe, Your blog is the awesome.