Friday, September 12, 2008


After the end of the war, Federal troops occupied Southern lands from 1855-1877. Attempting to establish order, rights to former slaves and African Americans, propone the Civil Rights Act of 1875, and thwart a resurgence of a Confederate army. This also allowed Carpetbaggers to take advantage of the war torn south. While they may have taken advantage they were investing in an area that needed all the help it could get. During that time African Americans and the South were on their way towards a semblance of repair and progress. However, Southern war wounds don't die quickly and as soon as Federal Troops left- Democrats came into power, enacted policy to discriminate and deny African Americans their rights (i.e. Grandfather Clauses). The Ku Klux Klan also came into great power once the troops left. The North being removed made room for hibernating hatred.

President Grant did well during his Reconstruction years until the Panic of 1873. A depression hits and the President always gets thrown to the wolves. That and he was rather ineffective in combating the economic turmoil. The economy was taking a nose dive and Republicans controlled the Capitol. The obvious move, Democrats were elected, leading to massive racism, segregation, murder, discrimation, and rape of our own people.

In short, our troops needed to occupy the South longer and retain order and peace. The defeated South effectively gained power of the U.S. Has the South been resonably healed of the massive racism, slavery, and war wounds of time past- or does the battle still rage on?

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