Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome and Slavery

Welcome to my new blog. I have made some small attempts on my political prowess but this is the latest.This blog intends to serve a purpose of political insight and understanding that no other blog or historical text can provide. I would personally like to thank My Girl Friday for convincing me to start such an endeavor so as to enlighten the peoples of the world.

Topic 1. Slavery

We all know that slavery is a stain upon the earth and inhuman. It is one of the worst policies anyone can ever adopt and The U.S. is part and parcel to it. However, it is widely believed and accepted that Honest Abe Lincoln was a staunch abolitionist and did everything he could to end slavery. While he did end slavery, it wasn't his original goal or intention. The most important thing to our lanky president was preserving The Union. This meant allowing slavery and all it's provision to exist. Abe Lincoln was no states' rights kind of guy. After all, the Civil War is a result of his pro-union stance. Slavery luckily ended due to the war. It ended so as to cripple the South, changing their way of life and making them nothing but punk-ass-bitches without any economy, an economy that would pale in comparison to the North, teaching them a valuable lesson about succession. Lastly, do we honestly still think the Civil War was fought to end slavery? I am not even going to get into that one- but it WASN'T.


Anonymous said...

I really do hope that someone wants to contend this issue, because you are right. The preservation of the Union was the priority for Abe, and not the dissolution of slavery. It was only after years of war that had taxed the Northern economy, and manpower--not to mention morale--that abolition became an option.
Abolition, however, was even the first option but an end of an ever evolving process that started with the First Contraband Act of 1861, which was followed by the Second Contraband Act of 1862, and that was followed by the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation a few weeks later. The actual Emancipation Proclamation wasn't issued for over 6 months, and was essentially toothless until the Union actually won, and was able to enforce it--but that's another story.

Mr. Philippe said...


Most certainly correct, sir. I appreciate your historical facts to support the cause. I did forget to mention the Emancipation Proclamations "toothless"ness as you so appropriately put it. It was meant more to stab the South, showing that their way of life will be changed and their fields salted once the war ended.

Makes me think the reconstruction should be the next post topic.