Saturday, October 25, 2008

An e-mail

This is an e-mail sent to some pals.

I've had the unfortunate luck of finding a comic store that provides a buy 3 new titles get 1 free and monthly orders are 25% off. With that I'm looking for any titles ye may recommend.

- I read "Kick-Ass" by Mark Millar and enjoyed it immensely.
- I gave author Geoff Johns another try and read "Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds", after getting sick of his JSA and Dr. Fate writings. He still sucks.
- I picked up "The Age of The Sentry" ... looked like a simple read, one shot deals, and maybe in the same vein as Batman Adventures. It's written like an early 1960's Marvel comic, complete with some humorous sexist material and critiques of that era. BUT it is no Batman Adventures, I don't see myself picking up issue #2.

I have yet to read some TPBs : SCUD is my gem that waits and Batman: DARK VICTORY by Loeb and Sales. I didn't like Batman: HUSH (even though it got rave reviews), but am giving Loeb another try. I picked up the hardcover Watching: The Watchmen by Gibbons? or the artist? Sketchbook and story notes .... haven't looked at it yet.

With that, I'm looking for great reads. I'm sick of paying $3-5 a title hoping for it to turn around on the next issue or so. J. Michael Straczynski is going to pick up "Brave and the Bold" soon, that will be a definite. Bendis is on a million titles and I'm not sure if that negatively effects his work. Lastly, I think I saw a preview for Punisher War Zone- and it looked killer.

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