Monday, October 27, 2008

Surfing on a Jet

Marvel Civil War was a long series that came out awhile back and I just started reading it. It jumps in and out of other Marvel titles while having it's own mini-series. Again two of my favorite authors Straczynski and Millar turned what could have been a ridiculous, contrived, and repeated plot into something exciting and fun. In Civil War #1 Millar gives us Captain America doing what could possible be the coolest two pages in comic history:


Anonymous said...

Haha that's dope. Is that the same one where he says
"What do I look like France?"

Mr. Philippe said...

same author, mark millar, but different titles... the one you mentioned was in Ultimates ...the one I posted was in the regular marvel universe. good stuff either way.

Anonymous said...

@ mr. philippe - dope thanks for the heads up on that. The color palettes look almost identical so I just assumed. Btw keep the comic book reviews coming, they are insightful and give me something to look forward to when I am out of school and have more time to read random stuff.