Friday, October 3, 2008

What were they thinking!?

This is the first installment of a segment we here on the mainland like to call: "What were they thinking!?"

A fierce nation in Africa but mostly South Africa are the Zulu. They battled their enemies with shield, spear, and speed. Their tactics in battle followed that of animals. For example they had a bull tactical charge that attacked head front but then spread around you like horns on a bull. Thereby forcing one to defend the front with a majority of troops only to end up surrounded. This worked well for them and for awhile, considering the millions of soldiers they had and the fact that all males were soldiers.

This brings us to breech loading rifles. Think of a musket, how one has to load gun powder into a tiny shaft, put a ball in there, and pack it- a timely process that lead to inaccurate shots and wastes of time and life. The breech loaded rifle used bullets that were locked and loaded into the rifle. During the late 19th century it was only one shot at a time, then refilling time. However, the speed in which one could load a bullet, aim, and fire was rapid and astonishing. A line of troops could command a volley of constant firing rates. Lastly, drastic improvements to aim and sight were managed thanks to bullets and breech loading designs.

Enter colonial England and their march through Africa. In the way were indigenous or autochthonous folk like the Zulu. Now, the Zulu did rock the Brits for a bit, after all they were a warrior driven culture of hundred of years and young and old men fought; they even got their mitts on rifles and pecked away. In the end, they were no match, it was dudes with spears and paper thin shields versus dudes with rifles, revolvers, and cannons.
Honestly, what were they thinking?!

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Peace through superior firepower?