Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Excess Income

I almost spent my oil money on the 2nd appearance of Dr. Fate and the first time a comic book cover donned the blue and gold hero:

However, this was an original with a reprint of the cover (original cover torn off and probably pasted to some kids wall in the 1940s), making it relatively cheap but lame if I wanted to mount it and hold it in high regard. I didn't win the auction because spending over $200 on a reprint cover isn't worth it. One day I may own this issue, but will be content with a high quality reprint of the cover that is framed and mounted above my phonograph.

Now I have oil money for other things. It is either get a blu ray player on black friday or get a PS3 via $150 off (with a Sony credit card offer) - so that I may enjoy the glorious oil drive, in a classic for all time- There Will Be Blood.

My lady tells me that this movie is filled with shots of dirt, grime, Daniel Day-Lewis, and oil splashing around- a blu ray version will look great but you're not looking at something amazing like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, or a Wes Anderson film. Too true, but she understands that I'm an old timey kind of guy and the realism blu ray will bring into my humble home will make me wish tycoons still thrived and monopoly wasn't just a board game.


Cristina said...

You don't need a blu-ray to "wish tycoons still thrived and monopoly wasn't just a board game," as evidenced by your constant spewing (get it?) of oil-laden terms and line by line quotes from the movie. But, alas, I know that will not stop you. Oh the sacrifices girlfriends make.

pml said...

So did you get There Will Be Blood for your new blu-ray player?

Mr. Philippe said...

@PML it wasn't priced competitively enough, picked up Iron Man and will netflix others.

Mr. Philippe said...

@Cristina The Dark Knight will make the 5am hassle worth it.