Monday, November 10, 2008

Tough times

Many Americans are going through difficult times right now. The US unemployment rate is higher than it has been in ages and the war in Iraq rages on. In times such as this I like to reflect on Millard Fillmore and his words of wisdom, may he be a guide for us all:

"I know how difficult it is to determine what is and what is not in order, to restrain improper language, and yet not abridge the freedom of debate. But all must see how important it is that the first departure from the strict rule of parliamentary decorum be checked, as a slight attack, or even insinuation of a personal character, often provokes a more severe retort, which brings out a more disorderly reply, each Senator feeling a justification in the previous aggression. There is, therefore, no point so proper to interpose for the preservation of order as to check the first violation of it." —Millard Fillmore, April 3, 1850

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Dylan said...

Millard Fillmore was a doooouche.