Thursday, December 11, 2008

Garbage Pail Kids

The last two days the sun had been shining bright and early. It was odd given the constant fog and coldness this time of year permits. This morning during my sunny trek to the light rail I happened upon a scene. A child was left by the dumpster. Economic times are hard but that is no reason to leave a hungry one to search for meager rations. I captured this moment for all history and leave it to my humble reader to contemplate over:

Upon noticing me the child threw her arms up in dispair and gave up searching, she was too short to reach into the dumpster. My options were to throw her in and let her forage in the safety of bags and trash or to give her a dollar to buy a cup of coffee. I decided to do nothing. Rather, I wanted to be an observer of life and I had to catch my train to work. I imagine a nice garbage man will pick her up and take her to a new home.

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