Friday, December 12, 2008

Magic Boy - UPDATE

The Magical Adventures of Magic Boy is a bit delayed due to my world travels, giving conferences on our hero and the future of the comic. Not too mention trying to collect my royalties from blogger has been a nightmare. However, my fair readers I hope that this little update can tide you over till the 2009 season. I present The Magic Boy Rogues Gallery:


The Sleeper - A robot whose looks are deceiving. The immense power that this skinny robot possesses hasn't been measured but it is able to crush concrete walls and pulverize steel. The Sleeper is also incredibly quick and agile.

Tiny Tim- He is an engineering genius and master conniver. Tiny Tim created The Sleeper and controls it for devious missions. Given his short stature and physical handicap Tiny Tim has sought to create works that overpowered and towered over others.

MotorMouth- Not much is known about the origins of this villain. His motorized mouth and vocal chords (or gears?) allow him to project sound waves that control all listeners, human and beast alike. MotorMouth doesn't have any arms and masks this deficit with a cape. While his physicality is limited it is no issue with his mind control powers.

Tragic Gal- This villainess features negative/opposite characteristics of Magic Boy. Her face is covered by a tragic mask. Her powers however are near identical to Magic Boys. Yet her purposes and motivations are tragically different.

Prussian Trumper- Looking to raise the Prussian empire and people the overly nostalgic Prussian Trumper is a parade of sorts. His mischief involves thwarting other Governments and rioting (by himself or otherwise). Mostly, he's a disturber of the peace but a wacky handful nonetheless.

There you have it, these Rogues look to make appearances throughout 2009. LET me know which villain looks the most enticing and maybe he or she will make a good number of appearances. I look to have a special Magical Boy ORIGIN issue out for December- keep an eye out!

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pml said...

Ahhhahaha the Prussian Trumper fucking rocks. I'd like to see him and Tiny Tim team up.