Thursday, December 18, 2008

No More Music For Me!

Ok, the title is meant to be deceiving. Today I traded in my physical CDs (what they would take) for instore credit at the local Vegas music shoppe. With that I bought the physical media which is still near and dear to me: blu-ray discs and vinyl. I was able to pick up the Criterion edition of Botttle Rocket , There Will Be Blood, and The Beach Boys' Endless Summer.

Bottle Rocket has been a favorite Wes Anderson film of mine for years and years. Prior to this full length film a 15 minutes short was done. I have yet to see it and have had a yearning for it for some 3-5 years. I've scourged forums and databases but never found it. Now it is available on the new Criterion edition... yay for me!

There Will Be Blood has added value now for 3 additional reasons. #1 : I've been reading "Oil!" (of which the movie is based) and have developed an even more profound interest in the characters, themes, motifs, settings, etc. #2: My netflix rental had a hairline crack in it and about half through it skipped a ton of scenes, now I own it and will guard against crackages. #3: Property, a good capitalist owns property.

Endless Summer- My buddy, BRR, will be happy for this one. I talked trash about The Beach Boys for some time, finding them to be repetitive and too Californian for me. Heck who was I kidding, they are awesome and I'm a Californian. Thanks to my girlfriend too for interesting me in all things Beach Boys.

So there you have it. I still have a bag full of CDs that they may buy later, so until then ... buy property, commodities, precious stones, and the like!


pml said...

What did Netflix say about the cracked disc. I really want to see There Will be Blood again; it was such a good movie.

Glad you are on the Beach Boys bandwagon there's always room for more. They are underrated because of the Beatles, but they are the only American band that had a #1 hit during the Beatles big run.

Dylan said...

Okay, you inspired a blog post. Check it later.

Mr. Philippe said...

@pml Netflix responded quickly and wanted to ship a replacement immediately- great service.

@Dylan The Beach Boys reckoning is upon us, Sith Master Dylerious.

Cristina said...

"I've often played Pet Sounds and cried" - Paul McCartney