Thursday, January 22, 2009

Comic Gimmickery

In case you didn't know : the DC universe "killed" Batman. I read an issue of Batman and didn't bother with the Final Crisis story. All in all it makes me think, "yawn, boorring". This is a gimmick. And not a very good one at that. When Marvel peaced out Captain America that made people think and it actually got people into comics. The Batman being dead ordeal is annoying, you can write his death but you can't really kill the guy- he's a legend. DC "killed" Superman and that goofy storyline captures the horror that was 90s comic writing. Understanding how Batman died and cycling through crossovers beckons back to the 90s. Killing a timeless superhero is a last ditch effort.

While DC and Marvel both issued gimmicks this month, when it comes to comic gimmickery, Marvel wins by putting Obama on the cover of Amazing Spider-man. It was something that actually brought people to comic stores and had them lining up.


pml said...

*goofy music*

"Hi, I'm Marvel"

"And I'm DC!"

"I give you great stories & character development in a real world environment"

"And I give you good stories & character development in completely fake locales; and then I will kill some of the most important characters for no reason at all."

*goofy music*
*Marvel Logo*

Mr. Philippe said...

You captured it, exactly. The Marvel actor would be Kiefer Sutherland and the DC actor would be Jean Claude van Damme or Steven Siegal.