Tuesday, January 6, 2009

THX 1138

George Lucas' debut feature film is a work everyone should watch, especially if you're into Star Wars.I watched the updated edition with added CGI scenes, and those scenes were wholly unnecessary: futuristic cars zooming around, hairy monkey beasts, a scorpion, etc. Yet, the movie's themes and motifs stand on their own. Also, Robert Duvall does a great job portraying THX 1138, a clone who cuts down on his sedation drugs and begins to feel emotion and rebel against the status-quo. What ensues is a mind-boggling journey into a dystopian future.

It reminds me of Brave New World or Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano. The way it is filmed feels like a Kubrick movie, namely 2001: A Space Odyssey, amazing shots of technology and mankind's interaction with it. The movie takes place in a sterile world where human goals are to build machines- machines that police mankind and dictate their growth, progress, and movement. People are inebriated with sedatives, religion, holograms (SWHS, anyone?), toil, and appeasing the system.

I've gained incite into Lucas' younger days and his molding of future films. If he had stuck with this deep and cynical viewpoint who knows what he could have done. Not that Star Wars and Indiana Jones aren't fantastic movies; but imagine if they were combined with serious sensory explosions and serious qualitative drama (admit it: Lucas bought the farm, jumped the shark, sold out, etc. Maybe not in one sitting but there's a progression that begins with SWHS and ends with Indialiena). Not to spoil anything further, I thoroughly enjoyed THX 1138 and give it an A-


neverbesocial said...

one of my all time favorites. i have the VHS version in it's lo-fi greatness!

I took the day off of work when the new one came out with the cgi and shizz. it was worth it.

pml said...

@neverbesocial - I knew you'd be all over this post. You love THX more than anyone that I know.

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