Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To boldy go.

Motivation has been lacking in some areas and I haven't got around to the great many things I would like to do. While I've been able to turn up my music listening, reading, television program enjoying, and look to begin a gym routine; I've let down my comic writing, movie watching, and apartment organization. I look towards February to repair that which falters, however tonight I expect to try something new.

Microsoft has offered a beta version of Windows 7 and I'll throw a partition on the trusty Macbook and see how it drives. My buddy, Neverbesocial, is probably saying WTH for? I used to have Windows XP and used it when the rare instance of needing an odd program (metadata software) that wasn't done well enough on Mac. That and Ultimate Baseball, the online baseball game, was PC only. Plus I like to compare video playback on the two OSes. However, I'm not to sure what I'll do with Windows 7. I'm done with metadata (for now), the baseball game, and video is stellar on my Mac. The sake of trying something new and exploring Microsoft's attempt to overcome Vista woes.

It's a beta and will expire in August- so I'll have fun with it and see if there are big deal OS features. I DOUBT that I will ever buy it or use it for reals. I imagine. Mac will release a real OS update within a year, not including "snow" leopard. I'll give it whirl and will let you know if it sticks out as a worthy OS and XP replacement.
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pml said...

I don't know why Vista has such a bad rep. I like it. My problem is not Vista but the shit bags at HP who make crappy laptops.

neverbesocial said...

The only reason I would ever put Windows on my mapple is for Steam.