Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Time to drop some more musical shares and allow you to diversify your portfolio while you can! Phoenix is registered as a French music entity and will be releasing a full length in May, following a 2006 release It's Never Been Like That. You may recognize their handy-work on the Lost In Translation soundtrack. Here is one free share and a letter from their Board of Trustees:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maps & Atlases

As of late I have been thoroughly enjoying Maps & Atlases (home page). Cristina introduced me to one of their tunes and I recently picked up their full length - Tree, Swallows, Houses. She knew I would dig them and couldn't have been more right. They are in the same vein as Sharks Keep Moving and Minus the Bear, making them an automatic winner in my book. Tom Lynch of had this to say:

"The first word that comes to mind when attempting to describe local band Maps & Atlases: complicated. Spastic rhythms and anti-rhythms assault with both a math-rock and lo-fi pop foundation, while the vocals--with lyrics apparently jammed together, seemingly in an Exquisite Corpse method (which only adds to the aural confusion)--surf a giant wave of pin-prick guitar lines and slaughterhouse drums. "

Maps & Atlases look to play in San Francisco some time soon, and they are band I will consider renting a car just to see perform.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Magical Adventures of Magic Boy #2 - ORIGIN !

While many fans have voiced concerns in revealing the identity and secret behind Magic Boy, likening it to Wolverine, I must share the story. Now for the first time ever -ISSUE 2 THE ORIGIN of MAGIC BOY !

Magic Boy #1 - NOV/DEC

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spruce Goose Mixtapery

This is my first mix as part of the Monthly Mixtape Brigade. However, I'm staring at more of a bimonthly brigadiering type of thing.

Enjoy, mes amies :

Spruce Goose Jan/Feb 2009

Australia 3:57 The Shins
Our Swords 2:26 Band Of Horses
Doctor Doctor 2:59 The Who
Badonkadonkey 2:57 Born Ruffians
A-Punk 2:18 Vampire Weekend
Hateful 2:44 The Clash
Hybrid Moments 1:42 The Misfits
Cut Cut Paste 1:46 Tokyo Police Club
Getchoo 2:53 Weezer
Apeman 3:52 The Kinks
Not Fade Away 1:49 The Rolling Stones

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marvel 1984

Last night, Cristina was reading Watchmen while I read the comic series by Mark Millar Marvel 1984. The comparison between the series I was reading and the series she was reading is large. Everyone knows that Watchmen is a serious effort to deliver a thinking person's comic. Marvel 1984 while entertaining, was one of the nerdiest story lines I've ever read. While the superheroes are really side-characters to the "real" humans of our universe, it manages to make comic book readers look like huge dorks who constantly fantasize about possible realities in which our fantastic comic characters journey to our earth! It made me think that comic book enthusiasts are barely fit to exist on this earth as they live in ivory towers caring only about themselves and their funny books. We aren't a species grounded in reality.

I liked this series and it put a different twist on merging our world with the Marvel universe and it works as a six shot miniseries. Yet, in the end though it made me feel like a massive nerd (which I am) but also glad that I'm not up to par in geekdom as the characters in Millar's work.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Music Music Music

I've had a list on my desk collecting dust of different musical artist that I happen to hear on Pandora radio that catch my fancy. It's been my intention to locate their albums and/or sample more of their tunes. Needless to say I haven't gotten around to it. So, for your viewing pleasure I'll put up the list- and if you want: check'em out. Let me know if they suck, rock, pwn, or otherwise.

  • Julia Sokolow

  • Whiting Tennis

  • The Radio Dept.

  • All India Radio

  • Yelle

  • b.fleischmann

  • The Research

If you don't get around to them, then who will?! Another thing I haven't gotten around to doing (other than the comic) is my bimonthly mix tape, as part of my buddy Dylan's quest to indoctrinate the masses into eventual nerdom and Star Wars fandom. Once I get that out I'll be cool enough to put this on my blog:

I also need an ultra portable nonbulky mp3 player that plays well with Mac ... any recommendations?