Monday, February 23, 2009

The Magical Adventures of Magic Boy #2 - ORIGIN !

While many fans have voiced concerns in revealing the identity and secret behind Magic Boy, likening it to Wolverine, I must share the story. Now for the first time ever -ISSUE 2 THE ORIGIN of MAGIC BOY !

Magic Boy #1 - NOV/DEC


Cristina For America said...

Magic Boy has no feet, and the mystic is Osama Bin Laden! HOW INTERESTING!!!

keep em comin.

Mr. Philippe said...

@Cristina ... his feet are magically hidden under his robe! Shazam! As for Osama, no peaking / looking ahead!

pml said...

Ahhaha great stuff too bad we have to wait another two months. BTW you forgot to mention that Disney's enemies were the Jews haha.

Dylan said...

Loved it. Unlike Wolverine, I think the more I know about Magic Boy, the more interesting he gets.

Also, re: Magic boy's lack of feet - be honest, as a manga cum laude graduate of the Rob Liefeld School Of Comic Book Artistry, you have no idea how to draw feet. ADMIT IT!

Mr. Philippe said...

Wait till the next issue you're gonna see some feet like you never smelled.