Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marvel 1984

Last night, Cristina was reading Watchmen while I read the comic series by Mark Millar Marvel 1984. The comparison between the series I was reading and the series she was reading is large. Everyone knows that Watchmen is a serious effort to deliver a thinking person's comic. Marvel 1984 while entertaining, was one of the nerdiest story lines I've ever read. While the superheroes are really side-characters to the "real" humans of our universe, it manages to make comic book readers look like huge dorks who constantly fantasize about possible realities in which our fantastic comic characters journey to our earth! It made me think that comic book enthusiasts are barely fit to exist on this earth as they live in ivory towers caring only about themselves and their funny books. We aren't a species grounded in reality.

I liked this series and it put a different twist on merging our world with the Marvel universe and it works as a six shot miniseries. Yet, in the end though it made me feel like a massive nerd (which I am) but also glad that I'm not up to par in geekdom as the characters in Millar's work.


pml said...

Whaaaat?!? You read a comic book and felt like a total nerd? You don't say? I mean every time I read a comic book I feel like a rock star, oh wait, no ,ok, yeh you're right, I felt like a total nerd too.

Mr. Philippe said...

@pml this particular storyline yes, made me feel like a nerd. Other storylines I can talk about and sound like a it, you'll see.

pml said...

@Mr. Philippe - It's on the list but it will have to wait till I finish all the other comics I have been meaning to read.