Thursday, February 5, 2009

Music Music Music

I've had a list on my desk collecting dust of different musical artist that I happen to hear on Pandora radio that catch my fancy. It's been my intention to locate their albums and/or sample more of their tunes. Needless to say I haven't gotten around to it. So, for your viewing pleasure I'll put up the list- and if you want: check'em out. Let me know if they suck, rock, pwn, or otherwise.

  • Julia Sokolow

  • Whiting Tennis

  • The Radio Dept.

  • All India Radio

  • Yelle

  • b.fleischmann

  • The Research

If you don't get around to them, then who will?! Another thing I haven't gotten around to doing (other than the comic) is my bimonthly mix tape, as part of my buddy Dylan's quest to indoctrinate the masses into eventual nerdom and Star Wars fandom. Once I get that out I'll be cool enough to put this on my blog:

I also need an ultra portable nonbulky mp3 player that plays well with Mac ... any recommendations?


American said...
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Cristina For America said...
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Cristina For America said...

At a time I thought I was going to be really into Yelle, but now I think she is a bit of a gimmick, if i could use your word, but still sort of cute. Probably only because she's French and wears weird clothes, but it's sort of like the music that you might hear at the beauty bar, so there isn't a whole lot of need to waste your time. French discotheque music maybe? She's no Stereo Total, let's put it that way.

Also, Julie Sokolow is from Pittsburgh, that's all I know about her. So you know, she might be a Steeler Lady.

Mr. Philippe said...

@Cristina so the Frenchie may not be in, but the Pittsburgh lady might... hey I see what you're doing! Thanks for the info.. we'll glean from some itunes' samples.