Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spruce Goose Mixtapery

This is my first mix as part of the Monthly Mixtape Brigade. However, I'm staring at more of a bimonthly brigadiering type of thing.

Enjoy, mes amies :

Spruce Goose Jan/Feb 2009

Australia 3:57 The Shins
Our Swords 2:26 Band Of Horses
Doctor Doctor 2:59 The Who
Badonkadonkey 2:57 Born Ruffians
A-Punk 2:18 Vampire Weekend
Hateful 2:44 The Clash
Hybrid Moments 1:42 The Misfits
Cut Cut Paste 1:46 Tokyo Police Club
Getchoo 2:53 Weezer
Apeman 3:52 The Kinks
Not Fade Away 1:49 The Rolling Stones

1 comment:

Dylan said...

Nice mix, sonny boy. Well-played. I'll add it to the list once March's mix drops. Keep 'em coming.