Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kevin Smith : Batman Cacophony

I just finished reading Kevin Smith's 3 part mini-series Batman Cacophony and honestly, I've thoroughly enjoyed his prior comic work: all the Jersey comics Bluntman & Chronic, Chasing Amy, etc. (aside: any blog post where I use "Bluntman" is a winner), Green Arrow, Daredevil, and Spider-man miniseries. I even put up with the erratic and lengthy nature of his comic releases and follow-ups. His work has always been pleasing and something I look forward to. However, this latest disappoints- the banter is overworked and he's working with characters that require more complexity than he can provide.

While his Joker is reminiscent of the Batman character that was on Fox TV, the jokes fall flat and lacks wit. Joker's dialogue ( and all the dialogue really) does little for the story's development and my interest in it. He also attempts to shed greater light on the Batman-Joker relationship. An attempt that manages to read like a second rate copy of Alan Moore's Killing Joke, a story that successfully highlighted and deepens a relationship's inevitable 'bang'.

This brings me to the super-villain Onomatopoeia (see what I did there?), originally introduced in Smith's Green Arrow run. An enjoyable character, that could be done well in an exclusive miniseries. Smith works best with what he knows, and he knows this character. Sure we all know Batman and the Joker, but writing and recreating a story about them is like trying to reinterpret Jesus and The Apostles- many try but few succeed. I'll still pick up any future Smith funny books. Just the same though, the feeling of being ripped off hasn't faded and I definitely want my nine bucks back.

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neverbesocial said...

that's too bad, I'll stay away from that series. I really need to head to the comic book store. I'm jonesing for something new to read.