Friday, March 20, 2009

Wathchmen the flimsy film

Again, I will not jump into the fray by expounding on the instant classic Watchmen movie. However, I will quote others that capture my sentiment and point you towards their quality reviews:

"But it [Watchment] is certainly not the graphic novel, not even what you could honestly think of as an adaptation of it. It's a completely new, post-"Mystery Men" cheesy, faux-grand superhero epic without any kind of humanity to it. It's all artifice. I really do think it's a terrible movie, with moments that made me cringe for aesthetic reasons, but I'm kind of fascinated by it and maybe that's why I get some perverse enjoyment out of it. I certainly wouldn't recommend the movie to anyone..."


pml said...

Obviously the movie bugged you in numerous ways so you should just jump into the fray and rant about it. Let your voice be heard.

Mr. Philippe said...

@pml I can't do it. It would take up way too much time for not. I'm down to drink a beer and gab on about it though.

pml said...

@Mr. Philippe - Well I'm always down for that, but you should think about writing a truncated gripe.