Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mighty ! Alpha One

I learned long ago not to judge a comic book by it's cover. Usually it's something outrageous: the hero or heroine on the cover in a precarious and impossible situation, finding out they have an illegitimate child, losing their powers forever, their identity has been revealed, and/or wrestling a reptile-alien of godlike proportions. All of which never take place in the comic in any way shape or form. It's like they have the artist draw the coolest most enticing cover ever only to reveal nothing of the sort on the pages within. The Mighty isn't exactly on par with that discovery but if you look at this cover (above) it looks quite ominous and you would think the pages within are going to contain some major action.

Nope, not at all. For some reason this comic was added to my monthly comic pick-ups; I may have added it because some reviewer on the inter-webs said it was good. It's a comic that is trying to do a lot but it's still dull. It tries to be funny but it's forced. It wishes it was new and cutting-edge but it's recycled. I read 3 issues and wanted to get the 4th, maybe it would grow on me or something would happen that would improve it. However, I gave up on that, why should someone have to get 4 issues of a comic to find out if it's any good. By that time I am out over $10. So yah, I'm done with this comic book.

On the flip side, Walking Dead is a comic book which proves it's value and I've only read one issue! It's about a zombie filled world where the characters- adults and kids- have depth and are interesting. I actually care about their struggle against the zombies, some of which are their friends and family (as one can expect). This lead me to pick up about 5 or so back issues and request vol. 1 of the trade paper back from the local library. However, I might just buy the tpbs anyway because it IS that good.

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