Friday, May 22, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man was one of the first super-heroes to enter my world of fiction and fantasy. My father collected comic-books and the web-head was a strong staple of that collection. As such, I've had comic action figures since I was born and a plastic Spider-Man with limited points of articulation graced my room. In elementary school I read classic reprints of the original volumes written by Stan Lee. As a kid, I made it a point to give gifts of Spidey Super Stories (as my dad had multiple copies), to others for birthday gifts. I think those comics were largely sponsored by Hostess Cupcakes or something.

Amazing Spider-Man happens to be my go to comic when I'm in the middle of a 2 for 1 deal and I need a freebie. Some of the story lines have been lame, see clones, while others triumphs, see Straczynski. However, as of many years ago, I no longer pick it up on a monthly basis. This changes again, I'll be picking it up regularly as the last issue I read proved interesting and captures the oddity of Peter Parker's superhuman life. I guess Spider-Man has been gone for some months, being trapped in an alternate dimension with the Fantastic Four, and finds that J. Jonah Jameson is mayor of New York and mounting a battle for a Spider-Man free city. Peter Parker also manages to walk in on Aunt May, whilst she is under the covers with none other than, Spider-Man supporter, John Jonah Jameson Sr. Iegads!

(Spidey Super Stories #21)


pml said...

Whoa sounds like a cool storyline, but what's the name of this run and who is writing it?

Mr. Philippe said...

@pml I started with last month's issue AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #592 written by Mark Waid. I remember he wrote a mean Fantastic Four too. You should be able to find that issue and the current on a comic store's shelf.

Dylan said...

Dude, I have to get me some Spidey Super Stories.