Sunday, May 3, 2009

Social Networking Experience

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For a couple weeks now I've stayed away from Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook. I've had my fill of them and found them to be time-wasters that didn't necessarily enhance my communication with friends and family. Myspace and Facebook alike allow people I haven't talked to in years to find me and then we catch up with a 'how do you do' then nothing. It's seems rather impersonal and repetitious. However, the facebook chat, which is nothing more than an instant messenger is handy. I was able to catch-up with friends immediately and have an actual conversation. There are options to have the chat in a stand alone application, maybe I'll look into that.

I've saved a lot of time and have been able to use my work breaks to step away from the computer screen instead of checking updates taking place on the social web. That was one problem with twitter. You're waiting for the next sentence. Yet, many people don't blog, or blog that often, so Twitter is something that I may have to get back to, to stay in the loop with friends; where one sentence is really all any of us need. I missed some news by not being on Twitter and I am reconsidering jumping back on but limiting my time on it.

So what have I been able to do with all this great time I've saved? I've read a lot of comics, started watching Woody Allen films, watched plenty of baseball and Battlestar, enjoyed neighborhood jogs, have been caught up on my RSS feeds, etc. whilst being less attached to a my computer and cell phone. Social networks were go-to places while on the computer but now I stick with blogs and news sites. In the end it's boils down to time management and social networks were wasting my time.


pml said...

How can I possibly procrastinate without the help of these social networking sites?

Mr. Philippe said...

@pml Fantasy Baseball