Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Must see movie rentals

This passing week has been a momentous one for movies. I've watched a handful of Woody Allen films and Manhattan is one that stands out as particularly smart, witty, wholesome, and worth your time. It's done up in black and white (an easy way to win my approval) and full of quick-dialogue (another way to gain my heart). It is Allen at his best.

In the Mood for Love is another Wong Kar-wai joint and it delivers to the umpteenth level. It's full of awkward tension and raw emotion in the face of a modernized/globalized China. A definite must rent; and the soundtrack is tops.

Lastly, was Le Samourai. I got into this movie all kinds of quick, as it's full of action, intellectual detective work, stoic-strength, and a French police force that isn't afraid to abuse personal privacy to solve a crime. The ending certainly left me thinking, and as I ponder it more and more I find myself liking it more and more.

Due up this week: Match Point and Lady Vengeance. Yep more Woody Allen and a taste of the orient, by Chan Wook Park (of Oldboy fame).

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