Friday, July 24, 2009

Tour de France

Cristina and I have been watching The Tour de France all month. We started off watching the late night repeats, however as the race comes closer to an end I've found myself waking up early everyday to catch the final hour. I'll admit that right off the cuff cycling may not be the most exciting event if you're unfamiliar with it. While there are the obvious technical aspects and grueling passion of combat with cycling, The Tour de France is also a thing of beauty. The scenery in which they travel and the colors of the flying team jerseys and bikes make for constant awe inspiration. There's also plenty of drama between riders and teams.

This weekend will prove to be the most exciting, as it is the final two days of racing. If you have the chance I highly recommend watching this weekend's events- schedule here. And how often do you see a champion like Lance Armstrong make a comeback of this magnitude in any sport?!

Links to guides on the Tour de France for beginner's and semi-enthusiasts:

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