Monday, November 2, 2009

Warmer Climes Kill

Sacramento's mid 60s to mid 70s weather filled with sunshine and light breezes are effectively making me semi-insane. It's perfect weather for a long bike ride, a light cruise to the park for a picnic, and/or sitting on the balcony enjoying some cold cold ones. Unfortunately, I'm stuck. Stuck in a building with regulated temperatures and pumped in air. A building that offers large windows displaying an unusually gorgeous November day; and what will probably be a gorgeous week. In short, the 9-5 has me in a strait-jacket.

Once I'm off work the sun is setting and outdoor fun is no longer within grasp. I have an hour for lunch that will allow me to take a brisk bike ride to the river and take in the invigorating atmosphere, but that's a tease. Luckily daylight savings is in effect and I can knock out a quick morning ride as the sun slowly takes shape around 6:AM or so, a longer tease but a tease nonetheless.

Winter is right around the corner and thoroughly enjoying what's left of the Indian Summer feels unattainable.

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