Monday, December 28, 2009

The End

2009 just so happens to be the year of the Beatle. The Beatles mono releases took albums that couldn't be better and made them better. It took familiar tracks and added layers that went unheard/unfelt. Moreover, exploding auditory experiences wasn’t enough; Apple also released Beatles Rock Band. And hands down this is video game of the year. The beautiful visuals, simple, fun, and clean story mode, and the instrument handling do justice to The Beatles' catalogue. While I love my video games that provide revolutionary gaming graphics, insane tales, running through hell-fire and brimstone, evolving a character, realistic burps, etc.- eventually I will stop playing those games, waiting for a new version to come out. Not so for Beatles Rock Band.

Music 2009 also leaves much to be desired. As of late, I haven’t been on the pulse of music. And there have been tons of 09 releases, to name a few: Tortoise, Kings of Convenience, Wolfgang Phoenix, Flaming Lips, Japandroids, Grizzly Bear, Coconut Records, Harlem Shakes, and Owen put out albums. So who stands on top? The cop out answer is The Beatles mono-masters. The real answer though is no one. Not one album stands out as the most amazing piece of 2009. Perhaps I’m missing something and a friend can point me in a better direction. I was digging Kings of Convenience a few weeks back but it isn’t the best of 2009. This year remains largely uninspired and I would show gaping bias to mark Owen as the best of 2009 (although it is). As it stands, I’d rather listen to "The Ricky Gervais Guide To…" series.

Now for a quick and dirty list:

Best Movie: Zombieland

Runner-up: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Best TV program: Dexter

Runner-up: Community

Best let down on film: Watchmen

Runner-up: Wolverine

Best Restaurant: Zelda’s Pizza (you can find Cristina and myself there once a week)

Best Comic book: Walking Dead

2009 was sort of a lackluster year more transitory than staple inducing. Sure it had its highlights but I think like most Americans, I believe 2010 will be better. At least I’ll be riding my bike a whole lot more.


Beer Retard said...

I only listened to 30 records released in 2009, so I can't say if it was a good year or not. One you might wanna check out, though, is Jay Reatard's Watch Me Fall. Don't worry, it's not metal.

neverbesocial said...

2010 really should be better. I was kinda in the same boat as you. Transitioning.