Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm normally not one to wax massive on daily activities but a relaxing few days has inspired a more wordy post than usual. This weekend I combatted a minor cold and could only fit in an hour or so on the bike. However, it was a tremendous weekend for food, video games, and rocking out to The Beatles. It all began with a rousing game of zombie massacring with my buddy Gabe. Left 4 Dead 2 ups the ante with better levels, added destructive melee weapons (see chainsaw, machetes, and frying pans), improved artificial intelligence, and more skull crushing good times.

Then Cristina and I played so much Beatles Rock Band we could have started calling each other Ringo and George. We essentially played through the entire game in 2 days- it's that good. We grew up on The Beatles, it definitely shows when we're playing, nerdy but fun as hell. Later, we had some pretty good pizza, beer, wine, espresso, etc. at a joint called Onespeed. Their decor is cycling inspired and if you're in Sacramento it's worth checking out.

[Whad' ya mean, you're sold outta pizza!]
I also squeezed in some time with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The multiplayer on this game is so badass I won't be messing with the solo-campaign for awhile. It's the same routine of running around and exploding/blasting players up or sneaking up on them and giving them the ol' what-for, despite the repetition it's endless enjoyment. On the flip side of this game is Beatles Rock Band. The Apple marketing engine is brilliant and constantly gobbles up money in the most worthy ways (see mono-remixes). The Beatles, without a doubt, deserved their own title to make the Rock Band paradigm work. The sheer number of songs/albums, quality of tracks, and history demands it's own setup and experience.
I'm no musician but the rock band titles allow you to enjoy music in new and fun ways; just like I'm no super-soldier but launching video-game grenades satisfies the kid in me (but I am a zombie-slayer). So yah, even in sickness, the weekend was fantastic.


neverbesocial said...

That's dope, Beatles Rock Band is the most amazing rock game ever. I just got a couple extra mics for sing-alongs.

We need to play more L4D2 for sure. Need to gas up that car so we can hit up the Carnival.

Mr. Philippe said...

@neverbesocial my desire to destroy zombies may only be rivaled by clowns .... bring on the carnival!