Friday, February 26, 2010


Is this from Star Wars Monopoly? Check out these Galactic Empire bucks/credits:

If I were Darth my monies would not have a beaten up or fixer-upper Death Star. Then again it is only worth 1 credit/buck. Maybe the 5 spot has the whole beast in all it's glory. Moreover, the 1,000,000 note would have Darth sans Helmet. I need to print some of these to carry around in my billfold.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'll take'em all, please

Brilliant work is often delivered few and far between. However several Americana WWII style posters à la la Star Wars are available here:
I am a man of simple pleasures and this fulfills a number of them. Cliff Chiang your genious truly know no limits - to the empire!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

San Francisco Beer Week Highlights

San Francisco Beer Week manages to stretch itself into two weeks to a month; however I was there for a few days with my buddy Chris. For your viewing pleasure I offer several take-aways from the expedition.

  • Food carts in Dolores Parks, especially Magic Curry Kart (Twitter: @magiccurrykart) and a grilled cheese cart, that pleased me so much I didn't even catch the name.
  • Beer ice-cream or any ice-cream at Humphry Slocomb. They played The Misfits' Static Age whilst I dined on superb Winter Ale creamy goodness, multiple thumbs up.
  • Rosamunde Sausage Grill - vegan sausages with toppings galore, tasty beers on tap too.
  • Church Key - last time I went there it was loud, annoying, and had a lame bartender; this time it was low-key, had a good bartender, and was enjoyable. Worth ducking into if it isn't blaring music and isn't crowded.
  • Golden Boy Pizza - My favorite place in the world to have stellar pizza and beer at an extremely low price. GB caps off any night in spades.


  • Sushi & beer pairing at some place not worth naming. Food proved lackluster, closer to Southern fried comfort food than traditional Japanese. Pairings made no sense and all courses and beers were on the table together... awful.
  • "Book of Eli" - this movie blew chunks. D+
  • Some guy who played pool like he was in Street Fighter. Seriously, it was Super Bowl Sunday and we're in a bar, he's wearing sports clothing sipping on ice water while doing pirouettes and jump kicks after taking a shot. It was weird and embarrassing.

Other things escape my mind, however most negatives of the trip had positives (minus the aforementioned). All in all it was a busy and laughter filled journey, but now it's time for constant cycling training and minimal beer (gasp)... until next year.

If you are looking for a more beer centric post check out my pals at the

Friday, February 5, 2010

Comic pad

I can't say I'm all that impressed by the ipad. It doesn't do much of anything new, revolutionary, or easier. If I didn't already have a laptop and a smartphone it might be worth looking into. However, it's implications in the realm of comic book enjoyment could prove life changing. While having multiple comic boxes worth of reads in the storage of one easy to use device is enticing; it doesn't justify the price tag. To be honest, I would use the ipad for other things but it's main pull is it's comic friendliness. As next generation tablets appear and competitors take shape the price will drop and a universe of comics could easily be in my grasp! Or I could just move back home and read the universe of comics my dad has collected for over 50 years. Until I either of those take shape I'll stick with my limited monthly reads, trade-paper backs, and eye-straining pdfs.