Friday, February 5, 2010

Comic pad

I can't say I'm all that impressed by the ipad. It doesn't do much of anything new, revolutionary, or easier. If I didn't already have a laptop and a smartphone it might be worth looking into. However, it's implications in the realm of comic book enjoyment could prove life changing. While having multiple comic boxes worth of reads in the storage of one easy to use device is enticing; it doesn't justify the price tag. To be honest, I would use the ipad for other things but it's main pull is it's comic friendliness. As next generation tablets appear and competitors take shape the price will drop and a universe of comics could easily be in my grasp! Or I could just move back home and read the universe of comics my dad has collected for over 50 years. Until I either of those take shape I'll stick with my limited monthly reads, trade-paper backs, and eye-straining pdfs.


Dylan said...

As I have neither a laptop or a smartphone, this device really excites me. Not just for comic-reading, though that sweetens the deal, but also for magazines, newspapers, books, videos and, I'm sure eventually, image editing via stylus.

Laptops are too bulky for casual reading, smartphones too tiny. The iPad is, as the lady said, "just right."

Also, I'm excited because I am gay for Apple.

neverbesocial said...

There is no doubt that the popularity of this device will be in the way media like comic books and magazines are presented on it.

Crazy, crazy. I'll wait until the next generations that have multi-tasking, FLASH??? and a camera.