Friday, February 26, 2010


Is this from Star Wars Monopoly? Check out these Galactic Empire bucks/credits:

If I were Darth my monies would not have a beaten up or fixer-upper Death Star. Then again it is only worth 1 credit/buck. Maybe the 5 spot has the whole beast in all it's glory. Moreover, the 1,000,000 note would have Darth sans Helmet. I need to print some of these to carry around in my billfold.


neverbesocial said...

This blog should be called Philippe for Star Wars. 2 posts in 12 hours about the Ese-Dubs is dope. You must know what people want to read about ;)

I'm sure Darth only got the one dollar bill since the Emperor is the true dark lard of the sith. I expect his noggin on the big bucks

Mr. Philippe said...

@neverbesocial Thanks for the recommendation, it was put up to a vote and favored. The new header is now in place.

An Emperor 100 creditbuck would look awesome.

neverbesocial said...

HAHAHA!!! NIce one.