Wednesday, February 10, 2010

San Francisco Beer Week Highlights

San Francisco Beer Week manages to stretch itself into two weeks to a month; however I was there for a few days with my buddy Chris. For your viewing pleasure I offer several take-aways from the expedition.

  • Food carts in Dolores Parks, especially Magic Curry Kart (Twitter: @magiccurrykart) and a grilled cheese cart, that pleased me so much I didn't even catch the name.
  • Beer ice-cream or any ice-cream at Humphry Slocomb. They played The Misfits' Static Age whilst I dined on superb Winter Ale creamy goodness, multiple thumbs up.
  • Rosamunde Sausage Grill - vegan sausages with toppings galore, tasty beers on tap too.
  • Church Key - last time I went there it was loud, annoying, and had a lame bartender; this time it was low-key, had a good bartender, and was enjoyable. Worth ducking into if it isn't blaring music and isn't crowded.
  • Golden Boy Pizza - My favorite place in the world to have stellar pizza and beer at an extremely low price. GB caps off any night in spades.


  • Sushi & beer pairing at some place not worth naming. Food proved lackluster, closer to Southern fried comfort food than traditional Japanese. Pairings made no sense and all courses and beers were on the table together... awful.
  • "Book of Eli" - this movie blew chunks. D+
  • Some guy who played pool like he was in Street Fighter. Seriously, it was Super Bowl Sunday and we're in a bar, he's wearing sports clothing sipping on ice water while doing pirouettes and jump kicks after taking a shot. It was weird and embarrassing.

Other things escape my mind, however most negatives of the trip had positives (minus the aforementioned). All in all it was a busy and laughter filled journey, but now it's time for constant cycling training and minimal beer (gasp)... until next year.

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Beer Retard said... wrote before I did. The ninja guy was weird and embarassing but also funny as shit. If we'd been drunk, we would've been laughing our asses off.

Grilled cheese cart was Toasty Melts and the curry thing we had was actually Soul Cocina. Magic Curry guy was doing breakfast sandwiches next to the creme brulee guy.

Book of Eli did suck, but I'd only give it a C.

Thanks for running around the city with me, man.

Mr. Philippe said...

Thanks for another tremendous time and the right information on those carts. I bet your new iphone skin is making you look as cool as you'd hope.

pml said...

So was the dude at the pool table doing spin moves Fernie?