Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catching Up

The concept of time is one we understand but never control. So it goes for yours truly. With the lack of time comes the inability to fit it all in, in particular- films. And to be more particular- super hero films. That's right finding the time to watch the glory of Super Heroes in cartoon and live action form can prove troublesome when the clock isn't going your way. However, I have found an imbalance in the force that is allowing me to watch a surplus of action packed adventures whilst rolling on my bike indoors. In short, I've enjoyed the likes of Hulk (TV show from the 70s), Planet Hulk, and Superman Batman: Public Enemies.

I will spare the details of Hulk (starring Bill Bixby), as it needs no introduction, but will entice you with the fantastic cartoons. Planet Hulk and Superman Batman: Public Enemies are 4 star comic adventure cartoons. Highly action packed these movies delivered characters we all know and love at the top of their game. The story lines are neat and the developments prove fun. If you have Netflix, add it to the queue and be prepared for some awesomeness that is Hulk smashing and Batman/Superman delivering cans of whoop ass across the DC Universe.

The movies had their lackluster moments though. Planet Hulk dragged in some parts and the story line had some minor annoyances, nothing of which to worry. Superman Batman : Public Enemies suffers from animeish art that makes Clark and Bruce look one in the same, in regards to physique and square jaw-ness (again not that big of a deal).

If this doesn't get you in the mood for the Superman Batman movie, nothing will- complete with Gil Kane punching-esque punches!

And ofcourse, Planettttt HUUUUUUUUULLLLKKKKK!

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