Friday, March 12, 2010

Super Ultimare Hard to Find Rarest of the Rare

In nerd language the term "rare" conjures up many things; and I ain't talkin' steaks. Depending on the level of "rarity" it can lead to nerd jealousy or nerd indifference. A platinum issue of some 90s comic or the first issue of Spawn are not really nerd rarities of the purest sort. While the first appearance of Catwoman (Selina Kyle's first appearance as The Cat in Batman #1 Spring 1940) is a true rare collector's item. Modern day rarities are really manufactured, through limited pressings and hype. Spawn 1 (1992) was onced valued at over $100-$200 depending on the year and a highly graded in perfect condition issue can fetch a pretty penny, still under a $1,000. However one can obtain said issue for less than $20. In 50 years, I don't think Spawn will be anything popular, but Spider-man, Hulk, Batman, etc. will grow in nerd rarity.

Enough about comics, miniatures in the Star Wars realm contain their own rare and very rare products. The rarest of these can be had for under $20. Value is subjective and to the nerdiest completing his/her set or wanting to make their RPG game as "real" or "cool" as possible- must have super rare items.

Very rare- Jedi Knight Luke & Rancor:

Just rare- Han Solo & Lobot:

I imagine that SW miniatures will retain a small value over the years, only because they are Star Wars. However, the RPG SW audience is small in comparison to comic or antique collectors. There's no denying it though, the Rancor is an awesome figure and it's super-duper rarity makes it even cooler!

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